VZN Notes

  • We believe we’re at the beginning of a generational trend that…

Feels like experimentation is coming back to music.

Since the end of the jazz age, there hasn’t been an era that wasn’t watered down by commercialization. I’ve lived in a few different pop star eras, where the pop artists “pop” due to their originality, and then many others copy their…

PHLOTE Daily Notes 12.16.20

KP Cannons is a case in point.

KP’s was a mature artist when I met him over 2 years ago. He’d been working on his sound for over a decade. By the time he was 19, his hard work started to pay off in the form…

Dear Recording Artist,

We see you. We hear you. And we want to help.

Almost universally, every artist we’ve spoken with has said the same thing. They want to be financially independent and creatively free. The career defining moment they’re waiting for is the moment they realize their career is…

AJ Washington

Partner @ PHLOTE

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